Costin & youth work. Imago Mundi, endless Journey

Costin is the President and leader of Imago Mundi Association, since the organization was created, in 2008. Our offices are located in the rural community of Mălureni, and in the city of Pitești, in Argeș county, Romania. In the last 12 years, Imago Mundi turned into a success story in Romania, as an NGO based in a small scale rural community that became a well established organisation in Romania and abroad.

Follow our Facebook page, for updates on our activities. Imago Mundi is also member of Volunteurope network, and Costin is curently one of its 2 vicepresidents.

The projects undertaken by Imago Mundi help youngsters, teachers and adults from different rural communities to develop, learn and broaden their horizons. Our projects cover topics such as employability, environment, personal development, the fight against discrimination, sustainable tourism, campaigns and activities against violence, and ones promoting volunteering, active citizenship and non formal education. The projects were funded through the Youth in Action, Erasmus+, EU Aid Volunteers programmes of the EU, or with the support of corporations active in the CSR field in Romania.

Costin, training & international work

Costin is president of Imago Mundi and also a history teacher, project writer, project management expert, trainer and trainer of trainers. Costin provides consultancy services for NGOs and networks from 10 different EU countries. He focuses on involving more youngsters in international activities and creating impactful local activities that can really create a shift in youths’ minds

From July 2016 until current day, he is a trainer for British Council Romania - providing courses on personal development for young people and children. Between 2014 - 2016 he was Trainer for the Romanian National Agency, organised training courses with trainees from the the educational system in Romania: teachers, educators inspectors, headmasters, university teachers, with youth workers, NGO leaders, volunteers and decision makers in the field of education, and with European volunteers who came to Romania through the European Voluntary Service. From 2015 he was board member for Volonteurope network, and as of 2019 he is vicepresident of Volonteurope. He contributes to coordinating the activities and strategies of the network with its over 50 organisations from more than 20 European countries

He lived for half a year in France, and for one year in Greece, studying and working in the field of education. In order to develop new skills, Costin attended various TCs, conferences and events as trainer or participant in more then 25 countries on three continents. Between 2004 and present day, Costin has also teached history in the rural community of Mălureni, Arges, Romania, although for some years he focused on other professional paths in the educational field. He is licensed in History, and has three masters degrees in: European studies, Educational management, Training of trainers.